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Miller Brothers Grass Farm was formed in 2006 by Luke and Mark Miller. The livestock business is part of a much larger family farming operation, which has given us the opportunity to pursue our vision of producing pasture raised meats.


During the summer of 2006 we began building fences and converting crop land to pasture. The first group of cattle arrived in October 2006 and have been happily consuming a diet of forages ever since.


Pasture raised meats are a healthier, tastier, more humane and environmentally responsible way to feed your family. As a family farm, we are able to individually raise and select our animals giving us complete control to ensure the highest standards of flavor and quality from our pasture to your plate.

Our Mission

To provide wholesome local food that tastes great, is safe and reasonably priced, and is produced in a way that cultivates an environment for sustainability.


Providing healthy alternative food products for the local community gives us a way to enjoy the gratifying lifestyle of pasture based livestock production.

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